Our Sponsors

No Limits Adaptive Ski Club gratefully acknowledges financial support from our sponsors.  Without our sponsors, we would not be able to provide such a high quality program.

Donations are used for maintenance of our specially adapted ski equipment as well as to purchase additional equipment as the need arises.  Funds are also used for training purposes to keep our instructors skills up to date.  We also do our best to provide transportation to and from the resort for our participants since accessible public transportation is not available.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to No Limits, please contact our Diane @ 705-759-0333.  No Limits Adaptive Ski Association Inc. is a Registered Charitable Organization and can provide a tax deductible receipt for donations.

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Searchmont Resort

Thanks to the support provided by Searchmont Resort, we are able to provide the sport of alpine skiing to people of all abilities.

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Providing persons with disabilities the sport of alpine skiing in a safe environment.